Sam McTavey EP

by Sam and the Extinction

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We are raising money for our new album, The Great Extinction,


A quick blurb :)

A truly independent project, Sam and The Extinction is ready to enter the studio to record their full album, The Great Extinction. A collaboration of talented friends and musicians that has taken place for over a year has lead to this exciting moment. A chance to record these brand new tracks at Mission Sound Recording, one of the most highly regarded studios in Brooklyn. We have no label, the album will be self-produced and in general this project is as homegrown as a project can be. It may be a lot of hard work, but it will also be lot of fun. For an album like The Great Extinction to be recorded at Mission, with free rein to create it’s own sound, is a rare thing. With such an amazing group it is hard not to take advantage of this great situation.


released December 8, 2010

Sam McTavey EP
Produced by,
Sam McTavey, Myles Turney & Joel Arnow

Engineered and Mixed by,
Myles Turney at Vanity Sound, Brooklyn NY

Mastered by,
Alan Douches at West West Side Music



all rights reserved


Sam McTavey New York, New York

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Track Name: Crazy World
Be it the right place at the wrong time
Or the wrong place at the right time
It got it's ups and It got its's downs
Looking for love and where it is found

Crazy, crazy world

Picture window capture this scene
Of busy bodies looking for a dream
A girl looking for a boy
And a boy looking for a girl

Crazy, crazy world

Passing through the streets and kicking though the leaves
Go a son and daughter of Adam and Eve
Hoping to steal a smile or a glance
Looking for a sign, a wink or a chance

Crazy, crazy world

He is like a junkie on a train
A poet who lacks solid refrain
May the wheels turn and the seats remain
Under his feet, so he don't fall again

Crazy, crazy world

She is full of hope and pain, it seems
Helen of Troy is back in blue jeans
She's got a weakness for a strong heart,
Addicted to hip quirks, with a lust for art

Crazy, crazy world

Slapping his feet to the daily grind,
He's looking for prose, but he 'aint got a line.
Snap goes the senses, low and behold
Blue eyes and hair of gold

Crazy, crazy world

In a brief exchange she wonders to herself,
"Will I find my love before I loose my health?"
When snap goes the senses, attention left
Up comes a boy, brash and bereft

Crazy, crazy world

Now the scene is set for a lovely start
As arrows pierce their heart
They take a seat next to each other afraid
One feels comfort, the other feels saved

Crazy, crazy world
Track Name: Goin' Out
I'm goin' out, tonight
I'm gonna have, a good time
I hope to see you, Out

Buy you drink, whoa
Be it whine, beer or whisky
Here we are, right or wrong

Once were through
I'll walk you home
Down the road
Holding hands, steal a kiss
Feels like this

I see you here, I see you there,
I hope to see you, everywhere
And when I do, I'll grab a hold of you
Track Name: Vertical Drain
Gazing out my window
Pane per pane
12 on 12 roof come to a point
How I wish my life would do the same
They say at the peak
Shingles shed the most rain

Down the gutters through the
Vertical drain
And all these days
They all feel, so much the same
Like todays rain,
There all going down the vertical drain

Dazed and disheveled
I fall out of bed
Should have picked up a book
Turned the TV on instead
Whipped and twisted
Hair all up in a craze
What has happened to TV these days
Like my hair it is all
Whipped and twisted
Meaning fading away

Down the gutters through the
Vertical drain
All these days
They all feel, so much the same
Like todays rain,
There all going down the vertical drain

Speaking of troubled days
Of how lives are cut too short
That have worked to live so long
How being told you don't look right
Can make everything go wrong
Keeping fear to close
Instead of standing strong
Fighting through the pain
of this horrible rain

Down the gutters through the
Vertical drain
All these days
They all feel, so much the same
Like todays rain,
There all going down the vertical drain
There all going down the vertical drain